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We carry the popular Clear Choice Brand product line for urine, hair and saliva drug testing. These products maintain raving reviews and are rated #1 sellers in many huge publications such as High Times, Heads and Cannabis Culture. We ship to over 90 countries and have been in business since 1993. Trust us to help you get through this scenario with assurance. We've been maintaining and updating our product line over the years to remain effect and up-to-date. Some of our products even maintain an amazing 100% success rate.

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200% Guaranteed

We're so positive that you'll be negative, our entire product line has a 200% double your money back guarantee. This is the best guarantee in the industry today. How can we offer this guarantee and still be in business? Because the Clear Choice brand products really work.

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Of course you're worried about your confidentially in these situations. We don't share any of your information with anyone... EVER. Also rest assured that you're ordering securely online. Using your card on our secure servers is safer than using it at any "brick and mortar" establishment.

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We conveniently offer a few different shipping options for however quickly you may need to receive your order. You can choose if you would like normal, rush, overnight or international shipping. You will be able to choose the shipping option you prefer during the checkout process.

Customer Service For Drug Testing

We're big on customer service. It is a #1 priority of ours to make sure you're assisted from beginning to end. We have very knowledgeable and trained representatives that are eager to help you. We want to help you get through this stressful situation as pleasantly as possible. Contact us 24/7 via telephone or email for help.

Here are the things we want to help you with...

Supervised Testing

Supervised drug testing is when you're actually being watched with someone else's eyes as you urinate. They generally stand behind you in the bathroom and witness you filling up the collection cup with your sample. This is to ensure the sample isn't being compromised or tampered with. Generally supervised tests occur with court and law mandated drug tests. Examples of this would be probation or parole testing, mandatory drug court testing, family law proceedings, etc.

Unsupervised Testing

Unsupervised drug testing is when you're taking your test and nobody is actually watching you. The typical scenario is where the test administrator will give you a urinalysis specimen cup and send you "down the hall" to a bathroom. Here is where you'll urinate into the collection cup. They generally have the water turned off and the toilet cannot be flushed. This is to deter tampering with and exploiting the testing process.

Hair Testing

Hair drug testing is the most expensive, accurate, and "tough to beat" test. Many companies and such don't opt for hair drug testing because of the costs associated with it. However some situations a hair test can arise and when it happens, you need to be sure you have the right help. We are known to have the single most effective hair drug test products in the industry. If our system doesn't work for you and your situation, nothing will.

Saliva (Swab Or Q-Tip) Testing

Saliva drug testing is also considered sometimes as a "swab test" or a "q-tip test". The typical process is a q-tip like item that you rub on your cheek. These aren't as easy to "win at" but with the right gum or mouth wash, your chances of passing are 99.9%. Be sure to check out our Clear Choice Oral Clear Gum and our Supreme Klean Mouth Wash. These are the two single most effective saliva testing products you can find today.

Personal At-Home Testing

At-home drug testing panels are ideal if you want to test yourself, or someone else, in the privacy of your home, work place, etc. Our test panels maintain an incredible 100% success rate. This means that not even 1/100 test panels we ship turn out to be defective. Many brands of these can be faulty, glitchy, or simply defective and don't work properly. We offer six-panel test kits that test for 6 different toxins and substances.

Natural & Permanent Detoxification

Made a mistake and looking for something that will naturally and permanently clean your system? Our herbal pre-cleanse formula will speed up the detoxification process by 60% or more! And the process works naturally and permanently. Simply take 2 capsules per day, drink a lot of water and urinate frequently. You can be completely cleansed within just days in many cases.

Looking For A Product That Really Works?

Your worries are over. We offer the most effective and trusted products that really work. With over 26 years in the industry, we know our stuff. Clear Choice is a very well-known brand and is the "go-to" for many consumers when these stressful situations arise.

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Our Success Rate

A look at the success rates that our products maintain...

Supervised Test 99.8%
Unsupervised Test 99.9%
Saliva Test 99.9%
Hair Test 99.9%

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Our Products For How To Pass A Drug Test

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clear choice sub solution


Clear Choice Sub-Solution Synthetic Urine

clear choice spike additive

Spike Additive

Clear Choice Spike Additive For "On The Spot" Testing

clear choice rescue cleanse 17 ounce

Rescue Cleanse Drink

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink - 17 Ounce

clear choice rescue cleanse 32 ounce

Rescue Cleanse Drink

Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink - 32 Ounce

ultra mask 1 hour liquid drink

Ultra Mask Drink

Ultra Mask Detox Drink - 25 Ounce

clear choice one shot concentrate

One Shot Concentrate

Clear Choice One Shot Concentrate (OSC) AKA "Green Clean"

clear choice hair follicle shampoo

Hair Follicle Shampoo (HFS)

Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo (HFS)

nexxus aloe rid shampoo

Nexxus Aloe Rid

Nexxus Aloe Rid Hair Shampoo Detoxification

clear choice oral clear gum

Oral Clear Gum

Clear Choice Oral Clear Gum Saliva Detox

supreme klean mouthwash

Supreme Mouth Wash

Supreme Klean Mouthwash for Saliva Testing

clear choice herbal pre-cleanse formula

Pre-Cleanse Formula

A Natural, Herbal And Permament Cleansing System

test panel

Drug Test Panel Kits

Our Test Panels Maintain A 100% Detection Rate

Frequently Asked Questions
Our customers are very important to us. We've been in business for so long because we take good care of them... and because our products really work. Keep in mind that with any online transaction, you are always protected by your financial institution. This is useful in the event that you order something online and never receive it. Rest assued, that will not happen when ordering with us. Our orders are all shipped with tracking information so you can keep on eye on your package while it is in transit.
In any event that you fail a test, you will always want to deny and demand a re-test if you can. If you used one of our products, we will stand behind our famous 200% guarantee. Just make sure you keep the original contents and the packaging, your receipt (which we can provide if you no longer have), and an authentic copy of the lab report indicating your failure.
Popular question... YES ABSOLUTELY! These products have been the best solutions to these stressful times for over 27 years now in 2020. If our products didn't work, would we still be in business? Of course not... you can count on us to pass a drug test guaranteed!
All of our products are formulated, manufactured and tested in the USA.
If you do not own a credit card or can’t use a friends or relatives to order online... we also accept “pre-paid” cards that you can purchase at a local store. We can accept checks and money orders as well (refer to our mail-in order form).
We offer 3 shipping options depending on how fast you need it. Normal, rush and overnight shipping is available at check-out. Be sure you get your order in before 4:00 PM EST to ensure it will ship same day.
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